Intelligent Energy Solutions
In order to expand the application fields of solar thermal utilization and promote the diversified development of solar thermal utilization, the Company makes full use of the technical advantages accumulated in the field of solar thermal, actively explores the application scenarios of solar thermal, and innovatively develops the comprehensive energy system, and successfully implemented a series of solar energy comprehensive utilization demonstration projects, new energy construction projects and commercial scale application projects. The company will respond to the demand for comprehensive application of new energy, actively explore multi-energy complementarities and smart and clean energy integration solutions, expand diversified business cooperation models, and provide comprehensive energy services based on big data and industrial internet applications. It will provide strong support for building a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system.
Integrated Energy System
The Integrated Energy System is a new type of energy supply system built at the user end by utilizing solar energy concentrating application technology, mainly utilizing solar light and heat, supplemented by clean energy such as biomass, wind energy, air source heat pump and ground source heat pump. System generally consists of heating system, heat exchange system, heat storage system, control system and auxiliary energy system, which can be widely used in the air-conditioning refrigeration, heating heating, hot water, thermal recovery of heavy oil, seawater desalination, industrial steam applications such as industrial and agricultural production and living areas, to provide users with safe, reliable, energy efficient, green environmental protection of clean energy supply.
System Application Value
  • Comprehensive utilization of energy

    With comprehensive utilization of a variety of energy, the integrated system is safe and reliable, strong matching with good overall performance, high efficiency and stable operation.
  • Green revenue

    By choosing a variety of clean energy supply according to local conditions, achieve stable and sustainable supply of heat energy, reduce environmental pollution with green environmental protection.
  • Long working life

    With advanced system technology and strong weather resistance, the overall service life can reach more than 25 years.
  • Obvious Benefit

    Low life cycle average energy cost, one investment, long-term benefits.
  • High space utilization

    According to the planning, reasonable use of regional space and land resources.
  • Easy operation and maintenance

    The system adopts intelligent control technology, automatic operation can be realized with low maintenance cost.
Application Fields
The integrated solar energy system can be widely used in heating, air conditioning, building materials, textile, printing and dyeing, paper making, rubber, chemical industry, food processing, pharmaceutical, medical and other fields that need hot oil and steam production. The system design is flexible, adapt to a variety of application scenarios, to achieve energy saving and emission reduction, improve the ecological environment.
  • Industrial park

  • Public buildings

  • Urban energy conservation renovation

  • Clean rural heating

  • Heavy oil thermal recovery

  • desalination