TRX Solar co-organized the second International Conference on Renewable Energy Heating Technology

Date:2022-04-14 Source:TRX Solar

On April 12th, the "2nd International Conference on Renewable Energy Heating Technology" co-sponsored by the National Solar Thermal Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance and the Institute of Electrotechnics, Chinese Academy of Sciences was held online. TRX Solar as the co-organizer of the conference has greatly assisted and supported the preparation of the conference.

The International Conference on Renewable Energy Heating Technology is an influential professional exchange platform in the industry, aiming to promote the development of renewable energy heating science and technology. Experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from well-known universities, scientific research institutions and related enterprises at home and abroad gathered to discuss the development of renewable energy heating technology and the future direction of the industry. The conference covered three major themes - "Renewable energy heating technology", "Renewable energy and rural low-carbon technology", and "heat/cold storage technology". More than 20 experts and scholars delivered keynote speeches on cutting-edge technologies and implementation cases in their respective fields.

TRX Solar was invited to give a special report entitled "Heat Utilization of trough solar compound energy station" at the meeting. The report introduces the representative solar energy composite utilization projects completed by TRX Solar in recent years, and shares the coupling technology of trough solar energy and other clean energy used in the project, so as to provide experience reference for the development of the industry with innovative technology and best practice cases.

Renewable energy industry, including solar energy, has entered a new period of strategic development. TRX Solar will rely on its own strong comprehensive advantages and promote the development of the renewable energy industry.

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